Freedom Cruisers Riding Club - National Website

Stay tuned for the LOCATION and DATES of the next FCRC National Rally in 2025

Who we are:

The Freedom Cruisers are a family-oriented motorcycle riding club. We represent motorcycle riding, family, unity, traveling, fun and the camaraderie of the members. As members we believe in total freedom, no dues, no initiation fees, no mandatory meetings, and no major commitments. We do not believe in club dictatorship, cliques, power plays, politics or any BS. We are actively seeking new members, both men and women. The bike you ride is your choice, not ours, we accept all. We are not a 1% club, nor are we territorial. We respect all clubs and enjoy good relations wherever we go.

Some people have referred to us as a "Eating Club, with a Motorcycle Addiction" and we are fine with that analogy because we love to enjoy a wide variety of tastes and flavors while we nourish our bodies and some of us have been known to ride hundreds of miles or even make overnight trips, just to check out a unique restaurant.