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Application for New Chapter

New chapters must be approved before start-up.
They should not be too close to another Freedom Cruiser Chapter.
We do have a few requirements for starting a new chapter and becoming a Freedom Cruiser Officer.

  1. An applicant must be a current member of the Freedom Cruisers and submit the New Chapter Application below.
  2. All Chapter Officers are required to purchase and wear the Freedom Cruisers main patch. Once your Chapter is approved, you must order a club patch.
  3. You agree to follow all the Freedom Cruisers stated guidelines, rules, and regulations.
  4. You agree to be responsible for maintaining the public image and perception of the Freedom Cruisers Club and should not publicly make any statements, in any form of communication, or commit an act that portrays the club or any of its members in a negative or unfavorable manner.
  5. As an Officer of the Freedom Cruisers, you have a duty of loyalty to the club, and all its members. You should not make any statement, or commit an act, which would cause your duty of loyalty to be called into question.
  6. If your chapter has a web site, you agree to link the Freedom Cruisers National web site on your main page.

Complaints on any Officer by any member may be submitted via email to the National President.

A violation of the above will be reviewed by the Club Officers. The accused will be afforded the right to address the Club Officers before a decision is made. An offending Officer may be removed from his/her position, or expelled from the Freedom Cruisers Club.

Can you handle it? Are ready to become a Freedom Cruiser Officer and run your own Chapter? If so, fill in the application below and hit submit!

By typing YES in the following prompt, I hereby certify that I am an existing member of the Freedom Cruisers Riding Club and that I have read and agree to the above requirements. By signing this application for new chapter (entering YES in the Agree field) I understand that the information on this application, including some personal information, may or may not be made public. I agree with the aforementioned Terms to create and run a Freedom Cruisers chapter.

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NOTE: If your are experiencing trouble submitting the new chapter application, please copy and paste the form into an email message
(or word processing document attached to an email) and send to the Club President at

If you are still having trouble, please contact us directly by email at the above email address.

The Freedom Cruisers organization apologize for any inconvience and will do our best to process your new chapter application as soon as possible.

Thank you,
Club President