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History of the Freedom Cruisers

The Freedom Cruisers Riding Club got its start in California in 1999. Motorcyclists in the Auburn, Forest Hill, and Sacramento vicinity had been getting together for group rides organized by Jeff (Big Dog) Davey. The idea of bonding as a Riding Club was suggested by Ray (Raider) Snyder, a former member of the Sacramento Cruiser Riding Club. The concept was to promote riding freedom in every form--freedom from major commitments, freedom from initiation fees, freedom from dues, and freedom from club politics. Many members of the newly formed club were veterans, and a patriotic spirit was very much in evidence when the new club patch was unveiled. Ray became the first State Director, and Jeff was the first Chapter President.

As membership grew, it became impossible to keep everyone in contact by telephone. A website was set up to provide information to members. A side effect was that Club information became available to motorcyclists over a vast area. E-mail inquiries started pouring in from all over the United States, and the State Club changed to a National Organization. In 2001, Mr. Clay (Bones) Lowe accepted the position of National President and took over responsibility for the Club website. Eventually a new National President was appointed (Year unknown) Tony (Diceman) Sesso. In 2006 there were nearly 800 members in 18 states and Canada, the club continues to promote motorcycling, family values, unity, travel and camping, and member camaraderie.

In 2011 Tony "Diceman" Sesso had decided to step down as National President and appointed the National Vice President Mike "Doc" DePeralta to the National President position, making this the first time the top National position was to leave California and head to the Midwest, Kansas City, Missouri.

Under new leadership, it was determined that the Freedom Cruisers Back Patch should be protected, so in 2012 the Freedom Cruisers Back Patch was submitted and approved for a Copyright, protecting the Back Patch from unauthorized use without the Owner’s permission, the Owner being the Freedom Cruisers National Board.

In 2013 the National Board started to take shape by the addition of Ronald “Diamonddot” Connelly, from Macomb, Michigan, Chapter 20 President and Michigan State Director, as the National Vice President of the Freedom Cruisers.

2014 was also an exciting year by the addition of two Members from Houston, Texas to the National Board, Tom "Nubs" Reff the National Administrative Director and Gregory " Mossy" Thacker as the National Membership Director. Making the top four positions filled all at once for the first time since the start of the Club.

As of September 10, 2016 membership of the Club has grown to 1286 Members with 81 Chapters throughout the United States.

NOTE: History and its accuracy are important to an organization so that years down the road new members will know the timeline from past to present. Every effort was made to provide accurate history information, some information was supplied by those who originated with the Club. Any new information and or corrections needing to be made to the history can be emailed to the National Board.

Below is an email received from Bruce "Ghost Rider" Rojo, one of the original starting members, his recollection of the start of the Freedom Cruisers.


Date: November 30, 2015 at 1:09:34 PM CST



Subject: Re: Freedom Cruisers

Tony, Maddog hope you guys are doing good T got any input or paperwork on the history ?? Dates ??

Hi doc, hope your turkey day was great !!??

so I know that we sent the history to the national board a few years ago, we had hoped it would have been posted to the web site. Not sure where it went but Tony Sesso, my self and a few words from Jeff Davies and Raider all told our sides. I will tell you what I know though or remember heh heh heh

About 1999 or early 2000 Raider was thinking of forming a club for friends and family who ride together and just have a good time. Most of us either bought a bike or knew someone who bought a Vulcan from Gold country Kawasaki, now out of business. We would have as many as 40 to 50 people once a month for a ride in the hills or the coast. After going through a few designs and looking at the ramifications of either 3 or 2 or 1 piece patches and colors. We have the current design, One brisk morning about 12 of us met up in Sacramento CA. for a ride and receive our patches. By this time the shop had closed and people lost contact or did not want to wear a patch or join. We rode that day, can't remember the date, and then went to sew on the new FCRC patch. As we rode from there forward we began to recruit and bee seen. I believe the largest we got to was CH1 (the Mother Chapter) about 45 or so riders. We broke off to CH 5 and that grew. so now it is what we have today, the dates could be off but I think the club has been formal for about 14 15 years ??

I think I am the last original member from that day, I know of 2 others that are around but do not ride any longer Wow !! now I feel old !!

keeping the folks together is a daunting job but it all comes down to why you joined right ?? To Ride !!!

I will ask Tony as well if he has any paperwork, I hope we can get more info and post it up on the national site !! that would be cool

Ride Safe

Bruce "Ghost Rider"

96 1500D W/G

W. Sacramento CA.